• Hello World! No more… Time to get personalised, time for Percamp.
  • If you are a B2B business, then Percamp is the best solution to increase your sales
  • B2B, B2C, B2B2C, G2C, G2B, any combinations Percamp is the right solution.

What We Do?

The full service we are offering is specifically
designed to meet your business needs.

Business to Business

The best way to grow the business in a B2B environment is to leverage the channel to push your products in the masses.

Business to Customers

What can be a better way to greet your customers with their personalised messages to increase brand value.

Enterprise Solutions

For brands with very unique personalisation requirements, it is time to leverage Percamp solutions.

How It Works?

4 simple steps that will change the way you market your products and services to your customers.

1. Brand Campaign

Upload or select from your templates.

2. Data Selection

Select the data to whom you want to send the campaign.

3. Percamp Touch

The magic of Percamp will make personalised images for all your data.

4. Vroom

Send through multiple channels like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc.

Why Choose Us?

The coolest reasons why our valued customers choose PERCAMP.

The only way a business grows today is to reach larger audience and with a personal touch. Our personalisation engine is tested on millions of data to reach the perfection.

When the brands empower their sales channel with their personalised creatives, the magic of compounding takes effect as the sales channel then loves to share it with their contacts.

At PERCAMP, we have a team to give customised solution to customers to meet their requirements. Our pricing model also supports your SMS, SMTP & WhastsApp gateways.

All great communications are not in English and all customers are not English Speaking customers. PERCAMP has multi lingual data support so that you can personalised campaigns in the language of your choice.

How We Do It?

Find out the magic of PERCAMP personalisation
engine for your business growth.

Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is our only goal.
See what our customers are saying about us.

Our Pricing

We offer great pricing for all sizes of businesses.

3000 Credits1999 Validity 3 months


    Credit Charges per Conversion
    • 1 Credit For Email Conversion with Your SMTP
    • 1 Credit For SMS Conversion with Your SMS API
    • 2 Credit For Email Conversion with Percamp SMTP
    • 3 Credit For SMS Conversion with Percamp SMS API
30000 Credits9999 Validity 12 months


    Credit Charges per Conversion
    • Credit For Email Conversion with Your SMTP
    • Credit For SMS Conversion with Your SMS API
    • Credit For Email Conversion with Percamp SMTP
    • Credit For SMS Conversion with Percamp SMS API


If you don’t see an answer to your query, you can send us an email using our contact form.

Yes, Your data is secure with Percamp

All payment modes accepted.

No, you will have single login

No right now you don't get but we are planning for that.

You can share your SMTP or SMS API will set for your account

Yes, you can. Once you share your whatsapp API will set for your account